Delivery & Site Prep

Delivery Options

Our regular delivery truck is a Dodge 350 pulling a 20’ trailer. The trailer extends to roughly 36’. Delivery charges depend upon delivery location and size of your structure. Your site must be accessible to our truck and trailer or accessible for us to use the “Shed Mover”. If we do not have access to your site and we must bring your shed back to our shop you will be charged an extra delivery fee. If we do not have access to your site we can build your shed on site for an additional 30%. We will deliver your barn directly to the prepared site pad. The Delivery Drivers are not responsible to do site preparations. However, we do offer site preparation arrangements upon request.

It is expected that our customers have their site prepared prior to delivery.

Delivery made easy - using the “Shed Mover”

  • Wet Weather
  • Tight Locations
  • Convenient
  • Operator Friendly

What is a Shed Mover?

A Shed Mover allows us to make your building mobile. This allows us to deliver in less than perfect conditions. The Mover greatly reduces yard damage and allows us to be more efficient and accommodating with our delivery schedule.

How it Works?

  • We unload your shed on the street or in your driveway.
  • We unload the Shed Mover
  • We place the Mover at one end of the shed and we put flotation tires under the other end of your shed.
  • We then drive the Shed Mover around your yard and right into your prepared spot and we never have to get the truck and trailer in your yard.

Permits for Township

Prior to purchasing any shed, we recommend that you check with your local government's building code enforcement office. Building-code officials, in addition to supplying the permit (for a fee that varies with the municipality), will also advise on "setback" requirements, which will determine where the shed can be placed in relation to front, side and rear property lines. Additionally, there may be any number of restrictions or requirements a property owner must meet depending on location, how your property is classified (i.e. residential, farm, etc.) and whether a shed is designated as a "permanent" or "temporary" structure based on the size of the building or how it is constructed. Residents of subdivisions also should check any subdivision regulations concerning detached buildings.

Since all municipalities have differing regulations and requirements, we are unable to give advice on exactly what may be required of you. Taking care of these issues is the responsibility of the property owner. We are often asked to supply building specs, etc. as part of the permit process and we are happy to assist whenever possible.


Site Preperation


Make sure your site is ready for your structure on delivery day. If it's not ready yet, let us know when we call to set up delivery. We'll hold the building until you're ready. Please Note: Setting our structures directly on the ground or on blocks voids the 3-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty on your building.

We recommend preparing the site for your structure with 3-5 inches of 2B shale. It should extend a foot extra on each side of the building (If your new shed is 10x12, the prepared area should measure no less than 12x14). Stone is the best choice to sit your structure because it allows rainwater to drain away from your structure. There must be a clear path for us to deliver the shed to your foundation. The clear path includes making sure no trees or overhangs will be in the way of a loaded delivery truck.

Make sure the area is level! If your shed isn't level, the doors won't open/close properly.

Esh’s Storage Barns can offers site preparation upon request.

Talk to us about any concerns/questions you have about delivery when you place your order. The Esh’s Team can answer your questions and make recommendations. If you're unsure about your site, we can come out to your property to do a complimentary site check as needed.

Esh’s Storage Barns is not responsible for ruts or lawn damage, or for damage that occurs to underground water, sewer, or other utility lines. Please make sure that accessing your site will not cause any damage to your underground utilities.


Moving and hate to part with your storage space?


Esh’s Storage Barns will gladly move your building to its new location. Moving an existing structure offers many unique situations. Provide us with pictures and a description of what you would like to do including the address of where the building is going. From this information we can typically offer a price quote for the move. The base cost for the move will begin at $250 and then factors such as building width, mileage, permitting, and labor are used to determine the total cost.

Move Shed Prices

SizeBasePer Mile
8' Wide $450.00 $2.00 / Mile Plus Permits
10' Wide $550.00 $3.00 / Mile Plus Permits
12' Wide $550.00 $3.00 / Mile Plus Permits
14' Wide $650.00 $4.00 / Mile Plus Permits

Note: Prices do not include state tax and permit fees


Looking to Make a Trade?

Go From This Old Structure To A Brand New Structure In A Few Simple Steps

trade1 trade2

Do you have a shed in your backyard that has withstood the weather for the last 20-30 years?? Now it is showing signs of its age and becoming quite an eyesore and may even be hurting the value of your beautiful home.

Esh’s Storage Barns makes trading your shed for a new one just this simple:

  1. Give us a call or stop by to order your NEW Shed
  2. Provide some information and pictures on your old shed
  3. With this information we will determine a trade-in value of your shed to be applied to the price of your new one.
  4. We will discuss with you and potentially check the site to make sure we have the room to remove your existing shed and deliver the new shed.

Typically the site guys who prepare your new site will pull the old shed off to the side and prepare the base. We then can deliver the new one and pick up the old one at the same time. The cost would be affected if multiple trips are necessary. All this can be determined when you give us a call or when ordering your new shed.


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